March 1, 2013


The UK distributer Network is a bit like the Criterion Collection for us spy fans. Years ago they brought us those beautiful soundtrack box sets, documentaries,  and many seasons of rare British espionage shows from the 1960s. Most recently they launched Network Air, where you can actually view cool and obscure shows from the Cold War era on-line. Currently, you can still stream a free video of an outstanding short program about the Berlin Wall produced in color in 1962. See Look at Life: The Wall here

If that wasn't enough, Network has also announced the upcoming release of a number of must-have spy soundtracks on glorious Mono vinyl. First up, they have a special treat for Record Store Day on April 20th. As a kind of preview to their upcoming LPs, Network has produced a limited-edition 7 inch EP with music from The Saint, Danger man, The Prisoner, and Man in a Suitcase. Titled Themes For Action, the record will only be available at your local record stores, so happy hunting! 

Spy Vibers can then look forward to Network's series of Mono LPs coming out in September. The records will feature music from The Prisoner, Department S, The Champions, The Saint, Man in a Suitcase, Strange Report, and Randall and Hopkirk Deceased. More info at Network here

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