June 7, 2009


According to the Blu-ray website, A&E is planning to release one of our all-time fave shows on Blu-ray this fall -THE PRISONER! Here's hoping that we see The Prisoner followed by The Avengers. From Blu-ray.com:

In an early announcement to retailers, it has been revealed that A&E Home Video will release the cult British TV series '
The Prisoner' on Blu-ray on October 27. No release details have been disclosed at this time, other than it will be a five-disc set. This series had been announced in the UK earlier in the year, but the release was abruptly postponed without a date. The series starts with a secret agent resigning his post at an unnamed intelligence agency. Shortly thereafter, he is drugged and taken to a place just known as 'the Village', a prison town where nobody has names, only numbers. The protagonist is 'Number Six'. The head authority of the Village is Number Two. Apart from the obvious plot mysteries (where is the Village? why did Number Six resign? who is holding him captive? who is Number One? will Number Six escape?), the series touches upon several pressing issues in the 1960s, such as that of individuality versus authority. Also notable was the visual aspect of the series, helped to a great degree by the use of the whimsical Welsh village of Portmeirion. The release date is probably linked to the November air date of the series remake, starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel.

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