January 5, 2010


Director Matthew Gratzner is working with producers Avi Haas and Henri Kessler to bring a re-imagination of the sci fi classic, UFO created by Gerry Anderson, to the big screen. Legendary producer Robert Evans is behind the scenes in a collaboration with ITC. The
movie website's synopsis seems close to the original: Based in the near future - 2020, where a super secret military organization SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) becomes operational. Its purpose, to defend Earth from an Alien race, which has been abducting humans from all corners of planet earth for decades. SHADO's cover is a Movie Studio with their main headquarters hidden deep below the surface. SHADO is run by the extremely dedicated "Studio Mogul" and SHADO Commander Ed Straker who has a cadre of crack operatives with an arsenal of cutting edge futuristic weapons systems and hidden bases on earth and beyond.

Forbidden Planet has posted an
interview with the director where they address casting, as well as fan concern about how the new version will incorporate essential elements from the original show. I would not want to see a campy or dated revision, but I do count purple hair, miniskirts, Nehru jackets, space-aged sleek cars, and Barry Gray organ lounge music as essential elements. Partial joking aside, Gratzner says in this excellent piece that "My biggest goal for this is firstly to not alienate the fans of the original show. We're not picking up where the series left off - we are starting from the very beginning. We really take the franchise seriously, unlike a film such as Thunderbirds, where they were saying 'here's a franchise that was great and everybody loved it, now let's put a whole new spin on it...'. We're not doing that. There's a reason UFO has a following, there's a reason that Gerry Anderson has a following, and for us to overlook that or take that for granted would be foolish." Sounds like the project is in good hands.

From FP:
"What I want to do with UFO is what Christopher Nolan did with the Batman franchise, or Martin Campbell did with Casino Royale." says veteran Hollywood visual effects wizard Matthew Gratzner, now the director/co-producer of a $130 million Hollywood adaptation of Gerry Anderson’s cult 1970 UK TV show. "UFO is not a spoof, or a parody or a kids' movie. It's a pretty dark story, actually…it is not a show for young children." UFO is set for a 2011 release with photography starting early this year. Spy Vibe will be watching for more updates. Fans may also want to check out the UFO Series website and the Gerry Anderson website, Fanderdson.


  1. In general, I avoid movies made from TV shows. If done right, this could be good, but frankly, I don't have any faith that it will be good.

    As to the near future, my kids laugh out loud every time they see the future of "1980" flash on the screen.


  2. I know what you mean. Remakes are rarely good. Still, I hope they do it well. I avoided The Thunderbirds movie, which really looked like it had gone off the rails. Batman is a special case and they seem inspired to at least set out to do that kind of job with it. Time will tell.

    That "1980" bit in the original is actually pretty funny now.


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