October 9, 2020


Thinking of John and Sean Lennon today on their shared birthday! This week Sean aired a great radio documentary to celebrate his dad's 80th, which included intimate conversations with various people in John's life. In part two he spoke with brother Julian and with Paul McCartney about their relationships and observations. The results are a really thoughtful, honest, and heart-felt project. In a particularly moving moment for me, Sean asked Paul about his grandmother Julia, who he'd never really had an opportunity to hear about first-hand. The show is up on BBC player, but Spy Vibers can also find segments posted on Youtube (pt. 2 linked above). Happy Birthday, John! Happy Birthday, Sean! A new compilation of John's songs has been released called Gimme Some Truth. Timely title, as ever. From the press release: "The definitive new Best Of John Lennon - 36 tracks completely remixed from master tapes, giving these classic songs a new life for generations to come and sounding better than ever before. 2 CD/Blu-ray features 36 tracks in hi-res stereo 96/24 PCM, new 5.1 surround mixes and Dolby Atmos for the ultimate immersive experience. With an incredible 124-page book with rare photos and extensive notes from John, Yoko and more." Below: contact sheet from A Hard Day's Night. Learn more: Imagine Peace, John Lennon, Chimera Music

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