September 16, 2009


Juan Calonge at the Blu-ray website posted an update regarding the upcoming release of The Prisoner. I've been waiting for this edition for a long time and look forward to seeing McGoohan in Hi-def (not to mention the Peter Wyngarde tribute sketch!). The set hits stores October 27th and Amazon currently has a 49% off pre-order price of $50.49.

From Blu-ray: Our friends at TV Shows on DVD have the release details for the US Blu-ray edition of the classic British series 'The Prisoner', which will hit store shelves on October 27, released by A&E Home Entertainment, in conjunction with Network DVD. The series will come in five discs, featuring a complete high-definition restoration and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio. Special features include:
  • "Don't Knock Yourself Out": this exclusive, feature-length documentary is the definitive look at the production of THE PRISONER, told by those involved in its creation. It includes a combination of archive and newly-filmed interviews with nearly 400 people, including Amette Andre, Bernard Williams, David Tomblin, Derren Nesbitt, Peter Wyngarde, Anton Rodgers, Michael Grade, George Baker and Peter Bowles.
  • Additional featurettes:
    • "The Pink Prisoner:": Peter Wyngarde pays tribute to the series in this unique cross between an interview and comedy sketch
    • "You Make Sure it Fits": music editor Eric Mival discusses his role behind the scenes in making 'The Prisoner' and provides a unique look at the Music Bible for the show
  • Newly restored original edit of "Arrival" with an optional music-only soundtrack featuring Wilfred Josephs' complete and abandoned score
  • Original edit of the episode "The Chimes of Big Ben"
  • Production crew audio commentaries on seven episodes
  • Image Archive: individual galleries of over 1,200 stills are featured throughout this set, including episodic shots, generic/PR Photos, coverage of the original press conference in 1967 and Jack Shampan's designs.
  • Archive material, including textless titles with clean themes by Ron Grainer, Wilfred Josephs, and Robert Farnon, as well as material from Rover, Foreign 'Filing Cabinet' title footage and the McGoohan photo montage from "Arrival."
  • Production Paperwork Archive: original scripts for each episode, along with other rarely-seen production documentation, press releases, call sheets and other memorabilia. This unique collection is sourced from the personal archives of Tony Sloman, Steven Ricks, and Simon Coward and is reproduced here with their permission and assistance. (DVD-ROM Feature)
  • Exposure strips gallery
  • Commercial break bumpers
  • Trailers for all episodes
  • Preview of AMC's 'The Prisoner' mini-series remake

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  1. Some of the fan-generated commentaries should be taken with a pinch of salt and a free mind. But the contemporary material is always interesting. You don't get Andrew Pixley's book though? Darn shame.


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