September 8, 2009


The Beatles catalog has now been released in fantastic stereo and mono mixes. Every song, every album. Beatles day has begun! And for those into gaming, you can now also join the Fabs on-stage in Rock Band. One of the unexpected joys of this historic 090909 launch (John had a thing for the number 9) is the incredible new content and community features on The Beatles website. Not only can you create profile pages with Beatles images and your own reviews, you can access virtually every song from every album (even alternate albums/tracks), and make your own interactive playlist of song clips. It's great, especially for someone wanting to flip through records and check out tracks. Not enough? You can also access and make playlists of videos as well as archives of memorabilia, images, etc. It's quite a Beatles treasure trove (including a cool animated Op Art-influenced video I'd never seen). In the memorabilia section, I spotted a great Italian record sleeve from '65 with trademark mid-60s Italian Futura typeface, thin suits, and a cool-green color scheme. Once you are a member in this virtual Beatles world, you can leave reviews and comments for all content and you can interact with other fans. Go forth and be Fab :)

No iTunes news for those waiting to download songs. Dhani Harrison has mentioned that they are interested in making their own download site, which would not surprise me given the steps they've already taken with media content on the official Beatles site. Also, check out the podcast on Amazon's Beatles store page for interviews with the Abbey Road team that work on the remastering and for song clips.

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