September 4, 2009


Because Yoko was a supportive force behind the scenes for some of my students in the past, I wrote and asked her if she had any words of encouragement for my new art students. Her answer: "The vibrations sent out by us artists, cover the Earth planet with wisdom and love, create world peace, and send good vibration to the Universe. Be true to yourself. You are beautiful." -Yoko Ono

New Plastic Ono Band album out this month! Congratulations to Yoko, Sean, Yuka, and the band from Spy Vibe! Gigs are scheduled in Japan. Hopefully a US tour will follow. Paul Simon mentioned in the Graceland documentary that even a strong message or spirit needs the right form or vessel to communicate that to an audience. After a number of dance re-mix projects, I would say that Yoko has now found a form that allows her concepts, improvisations, and messages to shine. From the clips I've heard so far, I think the new album will be one of her greatest collections of work. In related news, Spy Vibers may also be interested in the Beatles catalog releases next week, as well as CD re-releases from Julian Lennon and an upcoming soundtrack album from Sean Lennon.

From August: For Spy Vibers with a taste for experimental grooves and 60s artists working today, there is a new album coming out on Sept 21st by the new Plastic Ono Band, which includes Yoko and Sean, Yuka Honda, and Cornelius. I gather that they formed, as is the tradition with this band, for a group of recent shows and an interesting batch of recordings were the result. You can hear a sample on Yoko's Imagine Peace website, where you can also learn about her Smiling Face Film project, exhibits, and other news. Regardless of whether Yoko is your cup of tea as an artist, she is undeniably a fascinating and creative force whose Buddhist-like subtle conceptions and offerings should not go unnoticed behind the media and hype that follows her. If you would like to look into her artwork further, I suggest the book Y E S, and the upcoming book Yoko Ono (Modern Artists Series). Here is the album cover- great photograph! In youtube footage of the concerts, Yoko was stylishly Mod in a jersey with striped sleeves and short-brimmed white cap. She's industrious and, in her own eccentric way, very cool. All the best wishes to Yoko, Sean, Yuka, and the band from Jason at Spy Vibe.

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