March 30, 2010


With new materials being developed for the Space Race, and a healthy dose of Cold War anxiety, mid-1960s fashion took on a fabulous, futuristic style. We looked at a number of designers and trends last year in articles like Mods to Moongirls and Swinging London (More on the Spy Vibe Fashion page). We also reviewed the book, Fear and Fashion, which sports a great cover photo of a model dressed in a PVC jacket and a helmet by Edward Mann and photographed by John French.

The book is filled with similar fashion from both western and eastern Europe. With a common stereotype of the "east" being drab and functional during the Cold War, it is illuminating to see that young people of the era embraced ideas and styles regardless of which side of the Iron Curtain they lived. The groovy model in that cover image may have been a hipster from London or Rome, but according to British Pathe, like-minded designs from Romania were captured in their news reel clip from 1966 (link image below). You'll see a mini army of models in PVC gear marching down steps, one in a similar Mann-style helmet, as well as a Rabbane-style mini dress made of joined metal- or is that Rabanne himself in the footage, working his magic pliers? Click the image to view this historic film clip at British Pathe and see Space Fashion come to life.


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