March 23, 2010


A hero is defined by the trials they endure, how they act and react to reconcile the circumstances of their journey, and by how they measure up against what every adventure needs- a great villain. James Bond faced all manner of baddies in Ian Fleming's original novels. But no villain represented a greater, personal challenge to 007 within his Cold War context than Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Immortalized and parodied on-screen, viewers only saw the menacing hand with Spectre ring, stroking his cat and dealing out death and duty to his cowering minions. Next September, all three of Fleming's Blofeld novels that make up the Spectre Trilogy will be published in one collection.

From Amazon: Ernst Stavro Blofeld is James Bond's arch-nemesis: a deranged criminal mastermind with ambitions to bring the world to its knees in his pursuit of power. This collection brings together three novels featuring the ultimate Bond villain. First introduced in Thunderball, Blofeld's plan to steal atomic bombs and hold the whole world to ransom leads to a thrilling chase in the Bahamas. On Her Majesty's Secret Service sees Blofeld developing terrifying weapons- and destroying the one thing Bond holds most dear- and in You Only Live Twice, the shattered secret agent must get his revenge in one last, deadly encounter. Available now on Amazon for pre-order. More coverage at the Commander Bond Network.

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