March 26, 2010


Network in the UK is having a spring cleaning sale that includes some of their amazing remastered sets of classic spies. You'll find lots of treasures, like Deadlier Than The Male (I may order this just for the cover art!), The Prisoner, and Gerry Anderson's Supercar. Network DVDs are PAL format, so check your player before ordering. Network also has archival soundtrack sets with lush, thorough packaging. You'll find all of the major British shows listed, including the must-have, Music of ITC collection (now also on sale). I have the Danger Man and The Prisoner CD sets and found them to be on par with Criterion Collection's eye for detail and extras. A lucky Spy Viber won a Prisoner set as a prize last year and enjoyed it. If you're not familiar with Network, they are a Spy Vibe oasis- Good hunting!

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