March 25, 2011


Spy Vibe continues its coverage of the new graphic novel about the Beatles early days in Hamburg and the relationship between Astrid Kirchherr and Stuart Sutcliffe. In this short feature by Deutsche Welle, we get a glimpse into the making of Baby's in Black through interviews with Astrid and with writer/artist Arne Bellstorf.

Spy Vibers who are unfamiliar with the Hamburg scene might enjoy hearing one of the first recordings made by The Beatles. Because the band had to play such long hours in the clubs, they drew on many music traditions to find material. Here is a rocking version of the ballad, My Bonnie, with fellow UK musician Tony Sheridan taking the lead vocals. Sutcliffe, focusing more and more on his painting and relationship with Astrid, was not present during the session. Many of Astrid's photos are featured in the video. The Beatles/Sheridan recordings were produced by Bert Kaempfert, who made an appearance in our look at the #1 chart hits of 1961. Spy Vibe's review of the Astrid Kirchherr retrospective here. Astrid interview on Fresh Air here.

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