March 1, 2011


My great-grandfather, architect Sherrill Whiton, started the New York School of Interior Design back in 1916. His book, Interior Design & Decoration, is still a design school standard today. The school itself was originally located around Madison Avenue and on East 56th street (in a building designed by faculty member & architect William Breger). Operations eventually settled in the current locations on East 69th & 70th Street.

The New York School of Interior Design has grown in interesting ways, expanding pre-college and graduate programs, and adding sustainable design and history to its mission. Check their website for upcoming open house, lecture, and college fair events. The Communications Team is interested in creating a virtual forum on Facebook to discuss current design. Find them on Facebook, "like them", and then upload a photo to their wall with a brief description. They are specifically interested in knowing what you think is cool in contemporary design. Spy Vibers, tell us here on Spy Vibe, as well. What's cool now?

"We’re looking for your favorite designs – in rooms, architecture, lighting, furniture, anything you love and would like to share with others. We’ll curate the submissions and develop a current snapshot of what we in the expanded NYSID community find Cool in Design Now! You can view the submissions as they are added and stay tuned for the wrap up in the weeks ahead."

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