April 5, 2011


If Spy Vibers weren't already excited about the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration of The Avengers in June, here is teaser video from the official event website to whet your appetites. Spy Vibe is dedicated to well-dressed adventure of the 1960s. With the program's special cocktail of flare, playfulness, innuendo, and fashion, The Avengers stands tall above the rest. The first spy show I ever saw was U.N.C.L.E., but the first spies I ever loved were The Avengers. It is said that our parents imprint a kind of "map" on us as babies, which influences the kind of people we are attracted to later in life. I believe the cast and crew of The Avengers imprinted me with a "map" that set me on a course to appreciate a certain style and humor. Thank you to Brian Clemens, Leonard White, Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Laurie Johnson, and everyone for such a gift. See The Avengers on disc, streaming on Netflix, and see The Avengers cast and crew this summer.


  1. Yes it was a brilliant series. Very tongue in cheek stuff and fabulous fashions.

    Have to say I rather liked The New Avengers too. Joanna Lumley was gorgeous as Purdey. Every girl wanted her haircut!

  2. yes, i liked the new avengers, as well. there's a cool early episode where agents are sent to a "training camp" that is really a front for the other side to bump people off.


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