April 18, 2011


Sean Lennon's new project with Charlotte Kemp Mahl, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, has been touring to support their new album, Acoustic Sessions. There is a quality in Sean's voice that rests authentically in this comfortable pocket of harmony and acoustic guitar. It's reflective and warm, and evokes for me many summers spent in Japan with bossa nova and lo-fi sounds. To celebrate national record store day on Saturday, the band released a limited edition electric album called La Carotte Bleue. It's a playful pack of tunes, which includes a cover of Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg. Sean's in fun form here, and the band made a DIY video filled with comic heroes and shades of William Klein's Mr. Freedom (1969). The eight electric tracks were released as a French EP, and include "Jardin Du Luxembourg" "Rainbows In Gasoline" "Robot Boy" "Comic Strip" "Walt Disney Sitting In A Chaise And Drinking Cordials" "Britney Jean" "2012" "Carrot Blue." The copy I held at Amoeba Records, in limited-edition blue vinyl, included a free digital download. The album is also available for download at the Chimera website, Amazon, and iTunes. There is a fun, 1960s legacy at work here, and I think Spy Vibers will enjoy Sean's bash at the Gainsbourg classic. Support your local record stores & enjoy new tunes from Sean Lennon. Spy Viber creator Jason Whiton's remix and experimental film for Yoko Ono news here. More at the Spy Vibe Beatles page here.

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