April 24, 2011


Happy Easter to all Spy Vibers! Thanks to agent JKraus, we continue our Bunny Weekend with Hugh Hefner's private DC 9 jet, dubbed Big Bunny. Delivered to Hef in 1969, this was Playboy's flying headquarters and bachelor pad. According to the aviation forum, the plane featured twelve on-board beds, a bar, a lounge, a disco, entertainment equipment, a Roman tub, dining set, and a water bed. The stewardesses were called Jet Bunnies. Here is Jet Bunny, Anne Denson, from the ex-Bunnies website.

This soundtrack is Cy Coleman's Playboy Theme from the Playboy's Penthouse, Playboy After Dark television program, which you can catch a brief glimpse of on the plane's entertainment screen in the clip. I hope everyone can travel in this kind of style today!

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