April 29, 2011


Honor Blackman and Patrick Macnee of The Avengers weren't the only 1960s spy actors to record novelty records (check out Kinky Boots). Get Smart's Barbara Feldon recorded this cloak and dagger ditty, 99, in 1966 during the big spy boom. The lyrics below paint a great bachelor pad fantasy of adventure. Feldon played agent 99 during the show's run from 1965-1970, and reprized her role in a number of reunion projects. According to IMDB, agent 99 was voted by the TV Land hall of fame in 2004 as the "most stylish secret agent." That's pretty high praise, considering the competition of Mrs. Emma Peel, the Girl From U.N.C.L.E., and others. Check out the stills in this video and tell us what you think. Would you vote for 99?

Lyrics from wouldyoubelieve.com:
So you think you see a pussycat you'd like to pet
You start to come on strong to see how far you will get
You feed the pussycat that I'm a tiger lie
You don't know that you're mess'n with 99, 99
You brag about your motorboat and Cadillacs
How you cheated 'bout a million on your income tax
It isn't 'til they slap you with a great big fine
That you know that you've been mess'n with 99, 99
There's music on the hi-fi and she dims the light
She fixes a Martini that is out of sight
Your tongue begins to loosen 'cause you're all alone
But that ain't a olive buddy that's a microphone
You're a foreign spy who wants to come in from the cold
And you've never been uncovered you're so self controlled
But when they find your body floating down the Rhine
That's a lesson don't go mess'n with 99, 99
You're the highest paid informer for a Balkan State
On your night off you invite her for a dinner date
But when she freshens up, you'll end up unemployed
'Cause that ain't a lipstick buddy that's a Poloroid
So listen tigers this is what it's all about
A pussycat will get you if you don't watch out
Though she may send shivers running up and down your spine
She is doing her caress'n with a tiny Smith and Wesson
And that means you've been mess'n with 99, 99, 99, 99

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