April 1, 2011


Mini Week continues with Peter Sellers & Britt Ekland (Man With the Golden Gun). Thanks to my Spy Vibers for the tip! From Getty Images: "Swedish film actress Britt Ekland cuts an outsize birthday cake as her husband, English comic film actor Peter Sellers (1925-1980), bursts from it driving a Mini. The occasion is the celebration of the second anniversary of the Radford Coach Building Firm in Hammersmith. The car itself, a 'Radland De Ville', capable of 110mph, was built to Sellers' own specifications as a present for Ekland. (Photo by Roger Jackson/Central Press/Getty Images)." Word on Mini forums is that Ekland cherished the Mini for years until it was stolen.

Sellers is also seen below with a Mini Cooper at the Hooper Works in 1963. Sellers drove a Mini with Elke Sommer (Deadlier Than the Male) in the film A Shot in the Dark (1964). More Peter Sellers and British comedy in the 1960s on Spy Vibe links: Sellers & Lennon,
UK Satire & Surrealism, Arabesque, Satire Boom, The Prisoner 'Fallout".

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