February 17, 2015


Some exciting news today from our sister site, Double O Section: Network is releasing a Blu-ray edition of the 1967 Eurospy film, Deadlier Than the Male! Loosely based on the Bulldog Drummond series, the movie stars Elke Sommer, Sylvie Koscina, and Richard Johnson, and includes a famous set-piece with girl assassins in bikinis with spearguns(!). Are you with me now? Every fan has their favorite cult-classic and we spend years trying to champion our treasures to keep them alive in the culture. Long-time readers know The 10th Victim looms large here at the Spy Vibe lair (I even got to contribute all of the stills/posters for the Blu-ray!). Deadlier Than the Male looms just as large over at Double O Section, so I must shout out a hearty cheer for Tanner and for all fans of the movie. The Blu-ray maintains the original 1.66:1 widescreen print and includes standard-def extras like on-set featurettes, theatrical trailer, interviews, image galleries and promo materials. No word yet if Network will follow up with the sequel, Some Girls Do. Spy Vibers outside of the UK will require a multi-region player to play this Region B disc. Material produced for the PAL system sometimes experiences a subtle speed-up (as I experiences even on the PAL-to-NTSC converted Blu-ray of The Avengers Season 5 set), so hopefully there will be no issues with this release. I look forward to checking this out! Street date is April 27th. AmazonUK page here. You can find the 2003 standard NTSC DVD edition on Amazon here. Enjoy!

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  1. thanks to agent jennifer who wrote in to say: "This is an amazing classic movie. Showing a women are better spy than a man."


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