August 4, 2009


Spy Vibe fans of Brit Pop and Mod tradition will be pleased to hear that the entire Oasis catalog has been released today on special edition Heavyweight Vinyl Lps. For those of you with turntables, that equals a fat, beautiful wall of sound and attitude! The albums are 2-record sets with gatefold sleeves, and are available in the US at music shops and on-line stores, as well as the Oasis US on-line
shop. Fans can also order merch from the UK shop, including a SpyVibe cool bag. In spite of the on-going media life of the band and various ups and downs between the brothers in public, they have continued to knock albums out of the park with each new effort showing better production values, fantastic writing by all band members, and vocal maturity. Essential album/track list below. Visit the official Oasis channel on Youtube. Oasis videos posted here on Spy Vibe as well- including one with Our Man Patrick Macnee (The Avengers)!

Essential Albums: Definitely Maybe, What's the Story Morning Glory, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Heathen Chemistry, Don't Believe the Truth
Essential Tracks: For Spy Vibers picking up individual songs on iTunes- Supersonic, Live Forever, Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger, Champagne Supernova, Go Let it Out, Who Feels Love, Hindu Times, Born on a Different Cloud, Better Man, Lyla, Importance of Being Idle, The Meaning of Soul, Guess God Thinks I'm Abel, A Bell Will Ring, Let There Be Love, Bag it Up, I'm Outta Time, Lord Don't Slow Me Down, Going Nowhere, Eyeball Tickler

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