August 13, 2009

Vegas Bound

I love the Oceans films, both the original and the re-make trilogy, but I've never felt the pull to Las Vegas that many seem to experience- until Circ joined forces with The Beatles that is. I thought it was a really cool idea to place a Circ show within the Beatles universe of imagination. And I loved what George Martin and his son were able to do in creating a collage and re-imagining of Beatles songs (in many cases bringing together alternate and unrelated studio takes and tracks. Perhaps not as experimental and way out as The Beatles hoped, but a fantastic soundsape and launchpad for the show. I'm off to Vegas at last to see it, twice in fact. Beep Beep M Beep Beep Yeah!

I will return with new Spy Vibe posts on Monday. In the meantime, I'm reading the new book from the Smithsonian about the history of Spacesuits :) and I can also confirm that that the new release of Petri's 10th Victim is an exact port over from Anchor Bay- even down to the menus.

Have a great weekend! See you on the flip side.
-Agent J

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