October 31, 2009


The folks at Network will release a very cool soundtrack collection this week that spans a large number of our fave ITC classics. Network does an incredible production job on their products. I have the Danger Man and Prisoner sets and they are like archival treasures from the ITC vaults. Network operates like the Criterion Collection and loves to add great extras for fans. The new collection is a great way to sample a variety of theme and incidental music from series such as Man in a Suitcase, The Protectors, Strange Report, Department S, Jason King, The Champions, The Saint, The Prisoner, Gideons' Way, The Baron, Strange Report, The Persuaders!, The Adventurer and more. the CD is being released at a sale price of $21.

Consisting entirely of original as-used-in-the-series recordings (no lacklustre cover versions here!), this set contains some of the best music ever made for television. Celebrated composers Edwin Astley, Albert Elms, Ron Grainer, Robert Farnon, Roger Webb, John Cameron and Wilfred Josephs showcase their skills with a diverse range of musical styles and some legendary theme tunes. Alongside a commemorative booklet it also includes exclusive music suites from The Persuaders!, The Zoo Gang, Return of the Saint and The Baron that are not available elsewhere.

Disc One
Tracks 1 - 6 Danger Man (half hour series) Composer - Edwin Astley
Tracks 7 - 13 Danger Man (hour series) Composer - Edwin Astley
Tracks 14 - 15 Gideon’s Way Composer - Edwin Astley
Tracks 16 - 22 The Baron Composer - Edwin Astley
Tracks 23 - 31 The Saint Composer - Edwin Astley
Tracks 32 - 37 Man in a Suitcase Composed by Grainer/Elms
Tracks 38 - 44 The Prisoner Composed by Grainer/Elms/Farnon
Tracks 45 - 53 The Champions Composed by Hatch/Astley/Elms
Tracks 54 - 61 Department S Composer - Edwin Astley

Disc Two
Tracks 1 - 6 Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) Composer - Edwin Astley
Tracks 7 - 13 Strange Report Composer - Roger Webb
Tracks 14 - 17 The Persuaders! Composed by Barry/Trent/Hatch/Thorne
Tracks 18 - 25 Jason King Composer Laurie Johnson
Tracks 26 - 33 The Protectors Composed by Murry/Callander/Cameron
Tracks 34 - 36 The Adventurer Composed by John Barry / unknown
Tracks 37 - 44 The Zoo Gang Composed by McCartney/Thorne
Tracks 45 - 52 Return of the Saint Composed by Dee/Martin/Scott/de Angelis


  1. Spy Vibers looking for complete soundtrack collections can find full sets on Network as well: The Prisoner, Danger Man, Department S, Jason King, The Champions, The Protectors, Man in a Suitcase, etc.

  2. "The Persuaders!" music is one of my few remaining "Holy Grails" in my music-buying life. I love that show and its scores.