April 1, 2010


The Who released their pop concept album, The Who Sell Out, in January 1968 (some sources show December 1967). Sequenced like a pirate radio show, the album remains a fantastic snapshot of growing up in the era. Themes in the lyrics included Townshend-style characters struggling with issues of identity, relationships, and consumerism- the radio format even included mock commercials. Among the jingles for Rotosound guitar strings and Coke is my fave, Jaguar. The lyrics summed up the fantasy of car-as-catalyst for adventurous travel and sexy escapades. Countless Spy Vibe heroes and villains drove the XKE model- seen below from Danger Diabolik (also released in January 1968), followed by a vintage ad. Fans of The Who Sell Out should check out Petra Haden's A Capella version of the album. Better yet, listen to it in your Jag!

Grace space race.
Everything they've seen you have seen,
Everywhere they've been you have been,
Everything they've done you have been and done already.
Every lovely spot near or far,
You can reach them too in your car,
Or you might be there now if you own a jag already.
The radio blasting, the girls are glancing,
The dash is dancing with gleaming dials.
Grace space race.
Grace space race.
Jaguar, jaguar, jaguar, jaguar.

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