June 15, 2011


We recently announced the release of David Holzman's Diary (1967) on Blu-ray, a film which offers an interesting window into 1960s youth culture grappling with identity, expression, and the medium of filmmaking. This cult classic begins its 6-day screening at MOMA tonight! Schedule here. A convincing mockumentary, akin to William Klein's Polly Maggoo, David Hozman's Diary was paid homage in Roman Coppola's CQ (2001). In Coppola's film, Jeremy Davies (Lost) takes on the Holzman-role of cinema verite filmmaker who struggles to document his life while working on a sci-spy movie cut from the fabric of Barbarella and Danger Diabolik. I think Spy Vibers would enjoy watching CQ, and then following the trail back to Holzman and the other films that provided inspiration. David Holzman's Diary review at New York Times here. CQ review at fellow COBRAS Permission to Kill here. Stills below from David Holzman's Diary and CQ. Check out 60s experimental: BBC Doctor Who here.

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