May 14, 2012


The cover designs for the new editions of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels have been revealed. The excellent blog, The Book Bond, has posted the complete set along with a statement about the design process. "The Vintage Classics covers are designed to emphasise the cool and clever reputation of Bond. We wanted to evoke the heritage and era without being dated. The bold, colourful, film poster feel was inspired by Saul Bass." Although I like the designs, they do resemble the animated title-sequence art by Bass, more than they feel like book jackets. Many of the lines feel as though they could continue running across a movie screen ala another modern take on Bass, Catch Me if You Can. As covers go, they don't quite say '007 adventure' to me. Maybe if they had mystery elements added, like on the new editions of the John Gardner Bond books. Little guns, skulls, and the like. That said, however, maybe I'll be won over when I see them in person. Read more of the publisher's statement and see all of the cover art at The Book Bond. Find out more about Saul Bass, the designer behind many Hitchcock graphics and who inspired the vintage 007 covers. Spy Vibers will enjoy the Saul Bass design site because it is presented in an animated style based on his title designs for North By NorthwestFind 007 books and other treasures in Spy Vibe's Amazon Associates Store.

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