May 22, 2012


Raymond Benson is a familiar name among Spy Vibers who grew up with his famous book, The James Bond Bedside Companion.  Out of print and highly collectible (I sold two mint copies to Spy Guys in the 90s- drat!), the classic volume is now available on Kindle. Benson's official James Bond novels were re-released in two handsome omnibus editions in 2008. Amazon currently has them listed at 60% off, so now is a great time to pick them up for your library. If you haven't checked out his new series, The Black Stiletto, pick up the Kindle edition of the first novel for free! The next in the series, The Black Stiletto: Black and White, will be released on May 30th. Raymond Benson is also a fellow film historian and buff, and he is a regular contributor to Cinema Retro magazine. You can find these books and other spy treasures in Spy Vibe's secure Amazon Store.

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