September 8, 2012


At last! Amazon has revealed the cover designs for their new Ian Fleming James Bond series. In the tradition of Raymond Hawkey, the new covers are beautifully minimal and have an avant-garde flair. Each story is represented by a black and white graphic, reminiscent of modern design and architecture, with a subtle red accent. Although some readers may feel the designs lack a sense of adventure, I feel they place 007 in a stylistic time period that captures the artistically modern voice of Ian Fleming in his time period. If the Museum of Modern Art in New York had celebrated his novels in the 1950s, these could have been the posters! I was not moved to buy either of the new UK sets published this year, but Amazon has chosen a lovely motif that is worth collecting. Pre-order prices are $8.97 for print and $7.99 for Kindle editions. The publication date is set for October 16th. You can pre-order the books at Spy Vibe's secure Amazon Store pages 31-33. More info at Amazon's new series page. Image sets below from The Book Bond.

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  1. It's interesting that so much of the Spy Vibe you evoke involves photos of people, fashions, and exotic backgrounds, yet these new Bond covers are graphical and bereft of human figures. And they still evoke the vibe!

  2. interesting observation! i like to celebrate environments on Spy Vibe, whether they are created by architecture, fashion or sound, and these new designs do create an environment that is consistent with the whole modern, space-age vibe :)