September 17, 2012


Bond fans around the world have voted and the results are coming in. 007 Magazine has announced that On Her Majesty's Secret Service has been voted the #1 Bond film of all time. Congrats to George Lazenby! Out of 24 movies in the running, the 1967 spoof, Casino Royale, was voted the worst. No surprises here! Most of the top-five were produced in the 1960s, with Goldfinger at #2 and From Russia With Love at #3. I agree with Jon Gilbert (Ian Fleming: The Bibliography) and would have switched those two positions. Although Goldfinger influenced the wider international spy boom and had cool gadgets, I've always preferred the storytelling and suspenseful atmosphere of From Russia With Love. Luke Williams talks with a number of Bond alumni (including George Lazenby) about the results and more here

Here are the top 10: #1 On Her Majesty's Secret Service, #2 Goldfinger, #3 From Russia With Love, #4 Casino Royale, #5 Thunderball, #6 Dr. No, #7 The Living Daylights, #8 The Spy Who Loved Me, #9 Goldeneye, #10 For Your Eyes Only. Spy Vibers, which Bond movie has the best STYLE?

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