November 11, 2012


The International Spy Museum is currently hosting an exhibit called Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains. Visitors are greeted in the lobby by the deadly Zao Jaguar from Die Another Day. The museum lists an interesting chronology of villains on the exhibit website, examining how the films reflected concerns of the times and spotlighting real spy artifacts from their collection. Like other features of the museum, the exhibit includes interactive games and challenges. One kiosk of note is a screening of interviews with former spies, who discuss some of their 007-like experiences in the field. You can pick up a Minox camera, Bond accessories, and other spy goodies at the gift shop. In celebration of the exhibit and the 50th anniversary of the Bond movies, Bond continuation author, Raymond Benson, will be on-hand to chat and sign books on Tuesday November 13th from 1-3pm. More info at the special event website


  1. Jason,

    Trouble in Spyville!

    I fear SMERSH may be involved:

    Your email ( has been inoperative for months, and now your RSS feed has been down since 20 October. Newsreaders are showing your last post as the Alan Stephenson piece!

    If you are being held captive, please send the agreed-upon secret transmission.


  2. my spyvibe email was changed a while back, so apologies if you were trying to get in touch. i'm not sure about the rs feed details. but all is well in the Spy Vibe lair :)


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