July 15, 2014


Major collectors of The Avengers have uncovered a few unproduced scripts and are making them available for a short time to fellow fans and scholars. These limited paperback editions include This'll Kill You (Cyril Abraham/Emma Peel color series, 1967), The Tale of the Double Cross (Philip Broadley/The New Avengers, 1976), and Tell Me About It  (Philip Broadley/The New Avengers). The original series ran from 1961 to 1969 and returned to television in 1976-1977. In addition to these rare stories, Spy Vibers will recall our posts about the missing Avengers episodes from the early 1960s. Like Doctor Who, a number of shows were lost due to the common practice at the time of wiping and reusing tapes. Thankfully scholars are now able to fill the gaps by producing projects like these unmade script editions and the audio dramas by Big Finish. Learn more: Strange Case of the Missing Episodes, Lost Avengers Vol. 2-7, Lost Avengers Released

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