February 17, 2017


A warm thanks goes out to Jaz Wiseman for putting the band, XTC, back on my radar. I was a huge fan of their albums Black Sea, Dukes of the Stratosphere, Skylarking, and Oranges and Lemons back in the day. In fact, the latter two were some of the few records in my life that I played in constant repeat upon their release. The music of XTC and Andy Partridge had a great appeal for me, due in part to their catchy melodies, smart lyrics, and occasional Beatles vibe. I didn't see so many music videos during that era, however. After college I moved back to northern Japan, where I had spent time in school on a study-abroad program. Although I was still an avid record hunter on weekends, my TV exposure was pretty limited to episodes of Lupin the III in Japanese. Cue Jaz Wiseman. Jazz recently posted an XTC video for The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul in a forum we belong to. I was so pleasantly surprised to not only see an XTC video, but to see the whole Channel 4 Tube production was an homage to The Prisoner. The band filmed the piece at the Gothic Pavilion in Portmeirion in Wales! While XTC mimed the tune, a trio (the men sporting Prisoner jackets), performed a bit of modern dance worthy of 1960s television- all intercut with original Prisoner footage of Patrick McGoohan outside the Round House. In short, it's a blast! Check it out below. Watch for more XTC videos with Spy appeal here on Spy Vibe. Enjoy! Related posts: My Photographs of The Village 2015 and 2016, DC Fontana Prisoner video, Jaz Wiseman Interview, My London photos Filming The Prisoner, The Prisoner audio drama review by Alan Hayes, Set Countdown- The Prisoner, Prisoner/Capt. Scarlet Debut

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