August 27, 2012


The Avengers 1968 film? Although this poster image has made the rounds among fans for quite a while, it wasn't on my radar until recently. In the same way that episodes of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and other TV shows were spliced together to create movies for theatrical release in European markets, two unrelated episodes of The Avengers were released as a film in France in 1968. Picking some of the most entertaining and memorable stories from the color Emma Peels season (1967), the feature-length experience included The Return of the Cybernauts and Winged Avenger. It is surprising that Peter Cushing's name is not listed on the poster. As a star of Cybernauts, I would imagine that he would have been a big box-office draw. Experience-wise, I'm reminded of the recent Star Trek: The Next Generation screenings that spotlighted two episodes from two different seasons. Although the event was not as fulfilling as seeing a cohesive film, it was quite fun to spend two hours with Star Trek on the big screen. With that in mind, I really envy those movie-goers who got to see Steed and Mrs Peel larger than life at the theater.

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  1. I've been watching some of the UNCLE feature films to pass the time. Much as I like THE SPY WITH MY FACE, I prefer it in B&W.


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