August 14, 2012


Summer is winding down and I'm now preparing for another school year. I've been an Art teacher since the early 1990s, specializing in Film, Photo, and Drawing. This summer break offered our Spy Vibe community a chance to collaborate more regularly, something that I really enjoy! 

Recent Ops: I was able to post a number of new interview projects. Our chat with Jon Gilbert about his upcoming book, Ian Fleming: The Bibliography, inspired a new series on Spy Vibe called For Your Shelf Only. The series continues to draw people from around the world to share their collections and stories. Stay tuned for new installments! Most recently, I also had a long chat with Bunny Deana, who worked at the London Playboy Club in the late 1960s. It has also been a great season for exhibitions, including major retrospectives of 007 Design, Bond cars, British Design at the V&A, the 1968 Exhibit in Oakland, and Eurospy poster and lecture events. 

As of this week, Spy Vibe has reached 450,000 visitors. Not bad for the first 3.5 years. Thank you to all Spy Vibers, it's fun to explore this groovy world with you! On top of all that, we are now full into the 50th anniversary of two major cultural icons of the 20th Century- James Bond and The Beatles. I expect that we will be able to look at a lot of cool releases and news items this Fall, and I look forward to doing more interviews with collectors (contact me if you haven't yet) and others who define our mission: 1960s Style in Action!

You can scrool down for more recent OPs. For Your Shelf Only Series links so far: Jon GilbertRaymond BensonJeremy DunsPeter LorenzDavid FosterRob MallowsRoger Langley, Craig Arthur, Fleming Short, Matt Sherman


  1. Really enjoyed your recent posts as well as the older posts that I'm steadily working my way through. You really tick all the boxes of this English mid-century modern loving, Vespa riding, Mini driving, Bond and Beatles loving gentleman. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks!! So glad you're enjoying Spy Vibe.