April 18, 2013


Deal Alert: Some of your favorite music from cult spy TV shows of the 1960s is making a rare comeback this weekend! The classic album featuring music from The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. has been re-pressed as a limited release for Record Store Day. Spy Vibers should check in with their local dealers about claiming a copy. Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 20th. RSD releases are available only as in-store purchases and cannot be ordered via on-line venders like Amazon. Spy Vibers in the UK will also have a chance to pick up Themes For Action, a compilation of music from The Prisoner, The Saint, Danger Man, and Man in a Suitcase. This is a cute 10" record and serves as an appetizer for Network's upcoming fall releases of many spy soundtracks on mono vinyl! US shops can sometimes get the UK releases after RSD, so check with your local dealer about Themes For Action. And for classic TV fans, there is also a 7" single edition featuring themes from Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Munsters. Record Store Day info here.

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  1. cool! i have the original Girl From UNCLE LP, but it will be fun to check out the new issue. Hopefully it will also be a gatefold sleeve. I may pick up the Hitchcock/Munsters record :) Are other Spy Vibers planning to go to shops for Record Store Day?

  2. unfortunately this arrived too late for RSD & when I went looking Tues 22nd nobody in my local stores (HMV Basically) even knew what I was talking about I know I live in Wales but we are civilized

  3. sorry you didn't see them. i didn't find any of the records at my local shops, either. oh well! i see them on ebay, but for way too much money. i would like to to eventually get the Themes For Action EP that was sold in the UK. the good news is that we can order the LP soundtracks from Network next fall if we want to (i don't think they will be limited editions).