November 9, 2013

007 SPYWEAR 1965

The clothes make the spy- and the sales! So advertised in this storefront in Germany during the Thunderball craze of 1965. Under a large Feuerball sign (German title) and poster of Sean Connery as Agent 007, the display read: "James Bond- Men's Clothing… only with Mages. The largest clothing house on the Shadow Street." Despite the themes on display, the clothing appears to be based on previous Bond films. It's difficult to deduce exact origins from the grainy image. Another discrepancy is that Bond's suits tailored by Anthony Sinclair were two-button jackets (or one-button dinner jackets), and these all appear to have three buttons. There were similar designs that crossed over to an extent, but I believe we are seeing (from left to right) 007's dark dinner jacket and slacks (possibly the black and brown worsted wool suit from Thunderball); the second is difficult to identify. It resembles Bond's black and white plaid jacket from From Russia With Love, a gray flannel jacket from Thunderball, and a gray drape; lastly, a white dinner jacket and black slacks based on Goldfinger's opening sequence. Also included in the display are photo stills from Thunderball and what appear to be small accessories, most likely cufflinks. Even if the outfits had an extra button or two, they certainly would have captured the flavor of secret agent wear for those men looking to cut a suave and dangerous dash on the Schadow Strasse -the historic shopping/restaurant area in Düsseldorf. See detailed discussions about 007 clothes at The Suits of James Bond. Popular fashion posts on Spy Vibe: Mods to Moongirls, Nehru Jackets, Fear and Fashion, Ian Fleming fashion, Mad For Mondrian, Dressed For Space, Peeling Off the Trench Coats with The Avengers. 

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