October 27, 2010


With the recent release of the Fantomas collection from Kino International, Halloween coming this weekend, and a new Richard Sala book around the corner, It's been macabre mystery mania here at the Spy Vibe lair. I unfortunately missed the debut of the new Sherlock Holmes, but I have been busy enjoying the thrills and intrigue of classic French characters like Fantomas and Judex. Fans familiar with the penny dreadful tradition of serialized pulp fiction will hopefully recognize this rogue's gallery of mystery villains and avengers. If you have made the leap to an eReader, you might want to check out one of the many original Fantomas novels available on-line (many are priced around $1.00). You can even read them on your smart phone with Kindle's free app!

Today for Macabre Mystery Week, we look at the iconic masked ball scene from Franju's 1963 re-make about the classic avenging hero, Judex.
You can see the masked ball influence in the following segment of Richard Sala's cartoon, Invisible Hands, which aired on MTV's Liquid Television in the early 1990s. Sala is a big fan of Judex, Fantomas, and The Avengers. Find out more in Spy Vibe's interview with the writer/artist The Adventures of Richard Sala. Spy Vibers can also check out Invisible Hands artwork and behind-the-scenes history on Sala's blog here.

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