October 26, 2010


Fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. writer Wes Britton will be hosting a night of James Bond excitement on tonight's edition of Dave White Presents. Bond novelist Raymond Benson will share insights behind his 007 books and short stories, especially those re-published in this year’s anthology, CHOICE OF WEAPONS. Then, editor Rob Weiner will discuss this summer’s new essay collection, JAMES BOND IN WORLD AND POPULAR CULTURE: THE FILMS ARE NOT ENOUGH. The 90 minute online radio program will premiere this special broadcast on Tues. Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over at KSAV. On Wed. Oct. 27, this edition of Dave white Presents will become available for 24/7 download access here. For a list of our past James Bond features- including interviews with George Lazenby and Vic Flick- check out the “James Bond Files” at Spy Wise.

007 fans may also be interested to read Raymond Benson's article in the current issue of The Writer (available at Borders and Barnes & Noble), where he talks about his process of writing a spy thriller.

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