April 6, 2012


Aston Martin recently posted a short film for the new 2012 V8 Vantage on their YouTube channel. In the film, images of a gorgeous car making its sleek way through the evening are intercut with images of a lovely woman walking through the city. As the soundtrack lulls you into the cinematic experience, the purr of gears shifting keeps one on edge to see the pictures culminate into a cohesive narrative. The mood is anticipatory and sensual, but the fading light and the brand of the car suggest mystery. Finally, the intercutting reveals that she is ascending the steps to a meeting place. The Aston Martin comes to a stop at a high landmark looking over the city. And this is when the cinemaphiles in the audience suddenly know what this is about: In a perfect homage to Claude Lelouch's classic film, C'etait un Rendezvous, shot in Paris with a Ferrari in 1976, the Aston's driver climbs out of his car just as his lover enters the frame. There is a moment of relief and excitement as they run to each other. And like Lelouch's iconic film, the short ends with the lovers in an embrace. Although it does not get the heart pumping like Lelouch's first-prerson pov with the sound of that famous Ferrari engine, Aston Martin's promotional film is quite a nice modern interpretation. Maybe it is because each film was inspired by different goals, but I do detect a noticeable change in focus from the thrill of the journey toward love in the past vs the celebration of image and product in the present. Take a look at both below and see what you think. The original is available from Spirit Level Films. Thanks to Theo Wenner for introducing me to C'etait un Rendezvous years ago when we were swapping great cinema!

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