April 23, 2012


There is a fantastic book shop in San Francisco where Spy Vibe, Double O Section and Bish's Beat like to shop called Kayo Books. They carry an extensive inventory of vintage paperback books and pulps, from TV and film tie-in to detectives, spies, westerns, and erotic novels. If you are looking for something rare, stop in or contact them for mail order. On my last visit, I saw many hard-to-find Man From Uncle editions. And I picked up this release of Funeral in Berlin.


  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to that store when I was in San Francisco! I found it just as awesome as you do, and heartily second your endorsement. (I ended up buying about 30 books!)

    You should keep an eye out for the Horse Under Water in the same series as that Funeral in Berlin. It's cool because it shows Caine on the cover of a book he never made a movie of.


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