April 9, 2012


We ran a number of vintage toy commercials in the past, but I think this one slipped by our radar. I love the way they filmed his organization, Them. Does Sears even still offer a toy catalog during the holidays?


  1. Wow! That's a really cool one. I like the camera angles and, like you say, the representation of THEM. The direction reminds me of black-and-white Avengers. This is probably my favorite Sixties spy toy commercial I've seen--though I am partial to that "How to blow up a car" James Bond one, too.

  2. i haven't seen that one- send me a link :)

  3. Can anyone recall a series of 60's toys that looked like radios and other devices, but had spring loaded barrels and handles that came out, converting them into guns? They were kind of Man With A Golden Gun meets Transformers, as I remember, and they were secret Spy geared.

  4. Spy Vibe ran a bunch of ads for those toys back in Nov '09. Here's a link to one, and others are within the same week period. Those toys were so cool! -jason


  5. You can see one of those old radio/gun spy toys in episodes of the very cool retro Eurospy web series Super Seven. They just use it as an actual gadget, which I think is awesome. Very much in the vein of the original Eurospy movies, which did indeed sometimes incorporate 007 rip-off toys as their own gadgets!

    Sorry, Jason, but I don't have a link for that How to Blow Up a Motorcar spot. It's on the Thunderball DVD and BD, though, if you've got that.


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