July 17, 2013


The first issue of Batman 66 was released today by DC Comics. Based on the Pop Art tone of the cult TV show, the new comic kicks off with a fiendish plot by the Riddler to obtain a series of sculptures. Batman and Robin arrive on the scene in the Batmobile to foil the Riddler's scheme and embark on an adventure that involves Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara, Alfred, and other familiar faces. The writing captures the flavor of the original show and one can imagine producer William Dozier's narration setting the scenes and punctuating the cliffhanger moments. I enjoy many iterations of Batman, but I'm particularly happy to see this light version hit the stands in this modern era of bleak stories. It's a very entertaining read that I feel captures a goodness- not a naiveté- that Adam West and Burt Ward brought to the 1966 TV Batman. 

The art in the new comic is very cool, with characters based on the actors and with panels filled with pop colors and texture screens. I've heard that reading the digital edition of the book is really fun, as viewers can follow the story through close-up panels. If I have one complaint, it's that my printed pages seemed to spill over with story moments. The creators really packed in a lot into this single issue. Because of the graphic nature of the style, I might prefer to savor each panel as a larger image. 

Batmania continues beyond the release of the comic. New toys are coming out based on the show, and fans are speculating that a long-awaited DVD/Blu-ray release will be announced this week at Comic-Con. In celebration of retro Batman, I've put together two rare clips below of Adam West singing from 1966: Minding His Own Business (live in costume!) and West's 45-record release, Miranda. See Spy Vibe's massive image archive of vintage Batman art and artifacts here. My interview with Batman animation designer Shane Glines here. Andy Warhol Batman here. Enjoy!

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