October 5, 2013


The Avengers are returning to DVD on Tuesday! A&E will re-release the complete Emma Peel Megaset on October 8th through their distributor, Lionsgate. In this era of digital products and mass accessibility, this premiere cult classic has surprisingly spent years out in the cold, commanding high prices on the second-hand market. The 16-disc collection will include all 51 episodes starring Diana Rigg packaged in a slim case. It appears to be a re-packaging of the 2006 discs, which may disappoint fans looking to upgrade to the UK remastered prints. During Rigg's tenure on The Avengers, the show transitioned from video to film and hit its stride with a delicious cocktail of humor, youthful flair, action, and Swingin' fashion design. Under the watchful eye of writer/producer of Brian ClemensThe Avengers became a cutting-edge cultural phenomenon that set trends and defined the times. Rigg's Emma Peel sported early Mod designs and was even one of the first, if not the first, characters to introduce the Mini Skirt on national TV. The set highlights what many fans see as the pinnacle of 1960s spy entertainment. 

The new box art is based on the remastered UK set, but apparently the previous prints are included. There is still no word about whether the series will be released on Blu-ray in the future. Like most fans, I long for a complete Blu-ray release of each era of The Avengers: Cathy Gale, Emma Peel, Tara King, New Avengers. But for the low price of $36.99, this new box set is a great opportunity to bring the Diana Rigg seasons back in circulation. Amazon page here. Lost Avengers episodes return as Audio Books here. Emma Peel fashion designer John Bates here. Spy Vibe's look at Avengers fashion here. The Avengers are currently featured in a comic book series by Boom! Studios

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