February 16, 2014


Holy heartthrob! Spy Vibe returns to those elementary school days, when friendships were solidified over valentines cards and candy hearts. February brought a crop of card-packs to stationary stores around the country, luring young buyers with designs based on the pop icons of the day. In 1966, kids were in the throes of Batmania. Sales of the Batman comic book had dwindled to an all-time low by the mid-1960s. But the Adam West TV show conquered the airwaves, reinvigorated DC publishing, and became a merchandising phenomenon. Children were soon brushing their teeth with Bat-brushes, waking up to Bat-alarm clocks, and carrying their peanut butter sandwiches to school in Bat-lunch boxes. Valentines Day quickly fell under the Bat-spell. The TV series made its debut on January 12th, 1966.  By February 14th -one month later- little shoppers found cards designed by Doubl Glo and Hallmark. The Doubl Glo set sold for .59 and included envelops and a "special card for teacher." Thanks to cartoonist Mark Anderson for posting these (and more!) on his site. Spy Vibers might also want to check out our post yesterday about Saturday Morning Cartoons and the official DVD release of Marine Boy here and our New Years post about cards from Cold War Russia here. Enjoy!

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