April 5, 2014


Ian Fleming Publications has announced the release of a new Bond poster by the company Spineless Classics. Spineless specializes in creating images by layering the complete text of a novel, including chapter titles and original formatting, into a cohesive design. Their Casino Royale poster sports elements from the first edition's playing-card motif and a cinema-inspired figure in tuxedo. The appeal for me as a Fleming fan is in the details, where the surface of the piece reveals textual evidence of the novel and flavor of the original book-as-artifact. Click image below for closer look. Shoppers can save 25% on Casino Royale this week by using the voucher code ianflemingSpy Vibers interested in this approach might try to track down the limited-edition Bond art by Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Super Spy) hand-printed on original Signet paperback pages from Thunderball. See image below.

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