October 20, 2014


If the classic Flint movies starring James Coburn are your spy vibe, have I got news for you! Screen Archives Entertainment has announced a new release from Intrada that compiles the original Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack albums for Our Man Flint and In Like Flint. From SAE: "Finally! Two great sixties albums by Jerry Goldsmith make their debut on CD, mastered from the recently discovered original 20th Century-Fox stereo album session masters! Preserved in pristine condition in the vast UMG vaults, Our Man Flint and In Like Flint were short but exciting LPs that came out in 1966 & 1967 respectively. Both movies featured James Coburn as secret agent Derek Flint. Daniel Mann directs the former, Gordon Douglas directs the latter. Not to be confused with the Varese Sarabande release of soundtrack highlights, this Intrada CD offers both classic original albums exactly as Goldsmith recorded them, in crisp stereo with vivid orchestral color. Cool action, tuneful adventure and one of the composer's most famous themes all have their say. Included are authentic reproductions of both Bob Peak album jackets, classics in their own right, presented in our flipper-style CD cover. Choose your own favorite! These two albums have been amongst the most requested for CD release in our label's history. Wait no more, they're yours to spin! Jerry Goldsmith conducts both scores. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! -INTRADA" Limited collector's edition $19.99. Amazon page here. Complete track info below. Looking for the limited-edition Blu-ray editions of Flint? I hear quantities are running low: Our Man Flint, In Like Flint. Find out why the Flint films came in at #3 in Spy Vibe's countdown of best set designs: full article, Flint chapter

: Our Man Flint (1:46) 02. Never Mind, You'd Love It (2:09) 03. It's Gotta Be A World's Record (2:20) 04. Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone (2:16) 05. Take Some Risks, Mr. Flint? (1:40) 06. Tell Me More About That Volcano (2:44) 07. You're A Foolish Man, Mr. Flint (1:46) 08. In Like Flint (1:57) 09. Doing As The Romans Did (2:11) 10. Galaxy A Go-Go! -Or- Live It To Flint (2:15) 11. All I Have To Do Is Take A Bite Of Your Apple? (2:13) 12. Stall! Stall! Flint's Alive (2:01)
Total Time: 25:57

: Where The Bad Guys Are Gals ("In Like Flint" Theme) (2:38) 14. Ladies Will Kindly Remove Their Hats (2:45) 15. Lost In Space (2:36) 16. Odin, Dva, Tri, Kick! (3:07) 17. No Rest For The Weary (2:27) 18. Your Zowie Face (Vocal)* (2:34) 19. Mince And Cook Until Tender (2:33) 20. Ahh, Yer Father's Bob-Lip (2:20) 21. Who Was That Lady… ? (2:11) 22. Westward Ho-o-o! (5:37)
* Lyrics By Leslie Bricusse
Total Time: 29:14

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