August 19, 2010


Una Sull' Altra (1969/Perversion Story/One on Top of the Other), is one of those Lucio Fulci efforts that offers up an odd cocktail of sordid crime drama and moments of cool style. And you can't get much cooler in 1969 than Marisa Mell (Danger Diabolik) and the modern architecture of the Eero Saarinen TWA terminal. In this clip, Marisa arrives at TWA and performs a classic disguise-change in the bathroom. The entire scene plays like a music video for Riz Ortolani's (Lightning Bolt) score. Not only does the music advance the sneaky tension of the plot, it was also a great way to make a low-budget sequence stronger with limited live sound. Does anyone else think that Marisa is wearing her wig from Diabolik? I wonder if she ever got to keep the outfits? Naked-alert. A heads-up for younger Spy Vibers who might rent the film. There are brief nude scenes (Marisa posing on a motorcycle, if I remember correctly?), albeit in a slightly innocent 60s fashion.

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  1. Hello Jason, nice entry for Marisa Mell and her movie Una Sull'Altra. To answer your question: yes, the wig from Danger: Diabolik! was the same wig that was used in Una Sull'Altra. Marisa Mell took it home with her after the Diabolik movie! If you like to read more about Marisa Mell and her wig, please, visit my blog:


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