August 1, 2010


Spy Vibers may remember our big feature on movie set designs last year, Set For Adventure, that included top-5 lists from Lee Pfeiffer of Cinema Retro (who coincidentally also just posted a piece about 1960s UK surrealism), novelist Jeremy Duns, and fellow COBRAS, Wes Britton, Armstrong Sabian, David Foster, and Matthew Bradford. A title that appeared on writer/artist Steve Bissette's list was Crack in the World (1965). Steve is famous for introducing rare treats to his movie pals and cartoon students at the Center For Cartoon Studies, and one of his faves is now available! Crack in the World was released on DVD last week by Olive Films.

From Glenn Erickson's review at DVD Talk:
"The main lab set is a brilliant hanging miniature that rivals the work of 007 designer Ken Adam -- and was seemingly copied for the headquarters of Drax in the Bond film Moonraker. LouriƩ's deep sea submersible is a riot of colorful bubbles, and nobody ever forgets his volcano interior scene." That's enough for me- definitely going on my Netflix queue!

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