August 5, 2010


The Encyclopedia of TV Spies by Dr. Wesley Britton is a valuable resource and the perfect go-to reference guide to find out about virtually every spy series that has ever aired. Britton carefully compiled behind-the-scenes info for each entry, along with vital stats like synopsis, production dates, and cast/crew credits. Spy Vibers who like to have intel at their fingertips will be psyched to learn that the good doctor's encyclopedia is now a mobile resource in a new Kindle edition. Available through Amazon for $9.95, Spy Vibers can now carry a full database of TV Spies in any Kindle-enabled electronic device. OK, that's just cool! Congrats to fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. writer, Wesley Britton, on the release of this new edition!

If you have not explored Britton's work, pick up these other essentials: Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film and Spy Television. S
cholarly and fun, Britton's books are available in both print and Kindle editions, and are must-reads for all Spy Vibers.

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