August 1, 2010


As seen in Spy Vibe's list of upcoming Beatles-related books and DVDs last month, there are many special treats in store for fans of 1960s style and The Beatles. One of the rarest releases is a limited edition book by Yoko Ono called Fly Me. The book, which I think will appeal to fans of design and experimental art, was released on July 31st and is now available for order. Like Ms Ono's famous "wish tree" project, the pages of this book offer poetic/political instructions that literally take flight as an interactive kite. It's a rather 1960s, counter-culture counterpoint to our Spy Vibe fare of secret codes and dead drops. The edition is very much thinking outside the box and worth checking out.

From Amazon: Sky people, that's what we are, Yoko Ono sang, in the 1985 song "Sky People"; "One day we'll fly and leap through the sky/To look for a good land hand in hand." Now, through the auspices of Ecstatic Peace Library, Yoko Ono has fulfilled these words and devised a book to fly in her stead. Published as a limited edition, Fly Me is a handbound book that unfolds to become a kite featuring seven pages of individual messages or instructions composed by Ono. These messages are designed to be read by all, in the sky on a windy day. You simply unfold the page you wish to fly and attach the paper to the bamboo frame included to construct a massive (30 x 36 inch) diamond-shaped kite. Including such characteristic Ono advice as "Imagine Peace" and "Fly," these messages are printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled paper. The kite frame itself is made of hand-carved oak from a sustainable forest in New York state. A marvelous addition to Ono's already classic oeuvre of innovative bookmaking, Fly Me is published in a limited edition of 2,500 copies, and is without doubt an instant collector's gem.

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