August 3, 2010


A special transmission just in from Dean Brierly to all Spy Vibers- the first season of It Takes a Thief is now available for order! This classic spy series has been conspicuously absent during the DVD release of cult TV shows over the last fifteen years. I had hopes of seeing it during the wave of Austin Powers mania, when Mike Meyers hosted a week of fave shows that inspired him. Two titles that were included were The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. and It Takes a Thief, still unavailable as official releases- until now! It Takes a Thief is being released by Polyband in Germany, but don't panic- the discs will include English language tracks. If you don't have a region-free player, here's another reason to finally make the leap.

From Dean at Cinema Retro: Besides being must-see TV in the States, the series also proved a hit in Germany, where it debuted on November 18, 1969 under the title Ihr Auftritt, Al Mundy! (Rough translation: Your Appearance, Al Mundy!) One of the reasons for its popularity there was due to the dubbing, which made the lines funnier than they were actually written. This lighter approach was also reflected in some of the episode titles. “A Thief is a Thief” was Germanized to “A Chance for the Playboy,” and “A Spot of Trouble” became “More Champagne for the Ladies.” Read Dean's announcement with full details on Cinema Retro here.

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  1. Cool! Supposedly a US release is in the works as well, so don't go jumping off any cliffs just yet if you don't have an all-region player...


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