December 19, 2010


My thoughts of Space Camp last week reminded me of the conclusion to The Avengers TV show ("Bizarre"), a surprising final sequence with John Steed and Tara King trapped in a rocket as it blasts off toward the stars. What will happen to them? How will they get back to earth? The Tara King episodes were wonderfully playful, and this was a fun, over-the-top way to say farewell to a long-running program. You can see The Avengers streaming on Netflix. While I searched to find a clip, I came across these cool adverts that Patrick Macnee did for the Vauxhall auto line in the UK. I hadn't seen these before, and Vauxhall itself has never been on my radar. I guess a GM-owned line resembling Opel could never outpace Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Volvo for stylish television entertainment. I think Spy Vibers will enjoy seeing Macnee in "Steed" mode with nice footage of autos, helicopters, and his usual flare. Keep watch for a great quip, "I'll drive, George." Happy Sunday!


  1. Wow, Pat was at his super lean, gorgeous handsome The New Avengers Steed in those commercials. Thanks for finding them! Great way to start the morning.

  2. Thanks! I was psyched to uncover these. Pat was indeed in his prime- and always that sparkle and innuendo.


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